Urban elements

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DSC_5648bDSC_6055aDSC_8962 BNescape of a balloonjust around the corner
knots and chainsP1010261aP1020482 BNtribute to mondrian


Agosto 27, 2013 in Uncategorized da mariomencacci

shadesa bump after the otheralonepassingthree sequence
tha house after the woodmalta seascapeswallowslightnessfeeling free
fishing in lightflyingairplanepasturerural smoke
san miniatorural julya little snow coverhillswood and fog


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jeansjoggingephemeral barrierclimbing among the coloursfrom the darkness
feline desiresover there!thirsta short walk to the moona cigarette
delizie & saporitwo menready to shootfour brotherspedestrian zone
inside the picturebackachethe world of commerceprayera tough decision
barbecuefor salerelaxshipindipendentzia
in and outrodosjump in barcelonasloane squarethe gate of heaven
ayudamelines of lightpizza in wienstraightawaythree men and one horse
with bent headsancient timeschallengelamp and shadowbeware the axe
loversbubblesthe targetlight festivalmagic mirror
melancholy for twonight of confidencesmartina ti amocoloured streetsbody and head
walking in the fogfog and coloursunder constructionlonely walkthoughts
ponte vecchiopresencesreadersreflected geometriesshooting London
street of colourssuspensionthe intruderthe right waythe violinist
the wrong waythink over the movebridge over the seaa leaf on the glassunusual proportion
men and womenwaitingwhile the shadow comeswalking and smokingpratica di liberta